IGLA promotes and educates girls in the skill, knowledge, sportsmanship and love of lacrosse. IGLA provides all girls the opportunity to learn and play; after all, our motto is “IGLA: Where every girl plays!”

We offer a 6U league for PreK-Kindergartners girls AND boys (we even loan equipment FREE of charge!) Click here for program details. As your daughter gets older, she’ll be eligible to play in IGLA Pink and Purple Leagues, which consist of weekly practices and weekend games. IGLA also offers preseason clinics designed for girls new to the sport to give it a try and for current players to “bust the rust”.

Check out all of our programs below, and we’ll see you on the fields!

Looking for our advanced-level Purple League? Click here to register for a skills assessment!


6U (PreK-Kindergarten)

Participants introduced to basic lacrosse techniques

  • Offered in fall and spring
  • Meets one hour/week
  • Modified equipment (use of soft ball and smaller size sticks; protective eye wear is optional)


(1st-9th grade)

Pink league is recreational, community-based lacrosse. New players focus the fundamentals of lacrosse and experienced players master more advanced skills.

All Ages:
  • Offered in fall and spring
  • Follow US Lacrosse rules
  • Weekly practices with games on Sundays
8U (1st-2nd grades)
  • 4v4 (no goalie)
  • No checking
  • 1 pass minimum
10U (3rd-4th grades)
  • 8v8 (7+goalie)
  • No checking
12U (5th-6th graders)
14U (7th-9th graders)
  • 10v10 (9+goalie) or 12v12 (11+goalie)
  • Modified checking


(3rd – 9th grades)

Purple teams play at a higher skill level and focus on advanced skill development.

All Ages:
  • Offered in fall, spring, and summer
  • Requires placement (based on skill qualifiers). You can register for an assessment here.
  • Practice two days per week with games on Sundays
10U (3rd-4th Grades)
  • 8v8 (7+ goalie)
  • No checking
12U (5th-6th graders)
14U (7th-9th graders)
  • 10v10 (9+ goalie) 12v12 (11+ goalie)
  • Modified checking

What are Pink and Purple?

Playing Purple: Skills Assessment Sessions

Experienced players interested in the Purple level must attend a Skills Assessment session and will receive notification of their placement before registering for the upcoming season. Players who assessed Purple during the previous season are not required to attend an assessment and do not need to wait to register.

Register here for one of the Spring 2019 Purple Skills Assessment sessions, currently scheduled as follows:

McCook Athletics and Exposition Center, 9:00am-9:30am, SATURDAY, 2/16
Libertyville Sportsplex, 1:00pm-2:00pm, SATURDAY, 2/16
North Shore Sports Academy, 12:00pm – 1:00pm, SUNDAY 2/17
Northbrook Sports Centre Northshore, 7:00pm-8:00pm MONDAY 2/18

Assessment Specifics

Registration for an assessment in advance is required.  Purple assessment sessions are 30 minute long. All sessions take place indoors. Players may assess at any location, regardless of where they plan to play in the spring. Both field players and goalies must register and attend a Skills Assessment session.  To ensure continuity across locations, a small group of high level coaches will be present to evaluate all of the assessments. Each session will be limited to 12 or fewer players.

To register for an assessment, please click here.

The following provides additional information regarding A Purple Player and Assessment Gauges:

A Purple Player…

Assessment Gauges:

Stick Skills

comfortably cradles while running and maintains possession of the ball. She switches easily between her dominant and non -dominant hands.


possession, cradle, switch, non-dominant.

Best scored during non-dominant shuttles.


Catching & Throwing

shows a target for receiving the pass, runs through the catch fluidly and brings the ball into an immediate cradle, passes the ball effectively while running, accurate within 12 meters.


asking, receiving, accuracy, follow-through. Best scored during shuttles.


Ground Balls

scoops the ball up at full speed, cradles  immediately, protects her stick after pickup.


movement, scoop, possession.

Best scored during GBs.


Game Concepts

creates space, cuts to the ball, challenges

offensively, holds good body position

defensively, maintains an awareness of both her mark and the ball.


creating space, cutting, challenging, body position, awareness. Best scored during game play.


Game Play

displays speed, quickness, adept footwork, aggressiveness, focus, and a desire to be in the game.


aggressiveness, footwork, speed, quickness, focus. Best scored during game play & ground balls.


Not sure which program is right for your daughter? Call  (773) 415-6513